aTRACE is a cloud-based system, which in turn contains an application for mobile devices that gives the user complete operational flexibility.

aTRACE is a software solution for the operational management of traceability routes by RFID, also compatible with barcode data captureThe solution aTRACE waypoints where RFID readings will be executed (manual or unaided), giving operational control to any logistics operation. Its cloud-based system works by parameterizing the logistics routes (Traceability routes) and assigning them to the elements to be traced. It includes an application for mobile devices that gives the user complete operational flexibility. When the item is initialized in its "Route", the aTRACE system loads it into its platform and reports each of the logistical events of the item in it.

Optionally, business rules can be defined based on the Traceability Routes applicable to the elements to be traced: times between expected points, lack of readings, etc. In the aTRACE control panel, you can have a direct view of all the created Traceability Routes and the elements that are traversing each one.

Other functions within aTRACE consist of being able to identify and monitor the status of a particular article in real time, as well as accessing the track records of that precise item. In the same way, the traced elements are containers that rotate frequently in Traceability routes, you can access both the current state and the current location of the container, and the history of all the interactions that the container has had throughout its useful life.

Other basic functions, such as searches, graphics, management on mobile devices (Android), etc., are available to make aTRACE a mobile solution for operational management of logistics traceability, turning your logistics into a Smart Packaging solution!

All Kyubi System Smart Packaging solutions mimic digital transformation by providing real-time connectivity of physical products (validated with their "digital twin”) in any logistics operation - cloud inventory! It enables autonomous data capture, service integration and analysis with basic business information based on RFID data management.

While for users there is easy integration in communications with customers / suppliers, companies obtain great benefits through better and greater control, simplification of processes and controls, reduction of errors and optimization of resources.



  • Vehicle tracking

    Trucks and picking machines operate whilst real-time traceability is taken place. A-Trace system allocates every moving vehicle at all time through RFID antennas installed along the port perimeter.
  • Container matching

    Containers also have an RFID tag. When one or several cargo containers move, the system asumes that a vehicle is responsible for that action and automatically matches moving pieces with a given vehicle.
  • Security enhancement

    Since every movement is tracked down, every freight is linked to a registered vehicle and any misbehaviour is noticed, security thrives and losses plummet.


Active Containers


Active Vehicles


Moving Cargo Transport


Container Operating Equivalency

RFID Hardware Management

Configuration of Systems


Non-relevant tags, repeated readings, cross-readings…

Persistent Data Storage.


Easy Integration

with external software systems


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Better performance of the readers, thanks to the low-level management.

Direct integration between reading points and the analysis system, reducing risk and providing a better availability system in case of failure of one of the nodes.

Application of business logic on a lower level ensuring that only relevant information is sent from the readers to the external systems



This decentralized configuration ensures much greater reliability than a centralized configuration in which a drop in the center’s service leads to a complete drop. In addition, have a hardware device exclusively dedicated to the registration and treatment of readings and events, and another (reader) dedicated to the readings, persistence and performance of the RFID system to increase enormously.

AIM converts a simple, unintelligent RFID reader into a plug and play smart device, ready to work autonomously without the need for another external controller.

The middleware agent is a software platform that allows the exchange from an RFID reader or network of readers and business information systems, such as Warehouse Systems Management (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, databases, etc .

AIM just like the AIR has been designed to work with the best RFID readers on the market.

AIM has been designed in modules, therefore, it allows easy maintenance, updates, and new customizable modules for custom applications.