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Traceability of WEEE

Electrorecycling, S.A. is a waste management company authorized by the Waste Agency of Catalonia with number E-260.04, for the recovery of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.Electrorecycling, is a company constituted by FCC Ambito, Indumetal Recycling and Urbaser, and located in the Pont de Vilomara and Rocafort.

Specialized in the recycling of electronic waste has implemented a management system in Catalonia made up of 14 authorized transporters and 13 warehouses located in different points of the Catalan geography to provide service of collection in the municipal green points and professional users.

In 2001, Electrorecycling won the public tender called by the Waste Board (current ARC), to select the best proposal for the recycling and recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), thus awarding the collection management of WEEE in the 343 “green point” of Catalonia, (175 in Barcelona, 82 Girona, 57 Tarragona and 29 Lleida) of the 947 municipalities of Catalonia.

Electrorecycling currently has 14 authorized temporary storage centers in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Andorra, and in 2015 its management volume was 11 thousand tonnes.

In 2015, RD 110/2015 was approved for the management of waste electrical and electronic equipment, one of the innovations of this RD is the obligation to implement a traceability system for certain waste to ensure its correct management by controlling through single and unitary labelling (collection fractions * 1,2 and 4) or by container (fractions * 3,5 and 6) depending on the size.

This change forces each element to be visible at any time along the collection and treatment flow.

In this sense, Electrorecycling worried about legal compliance was interested in being able to manage in a systematic way the whole flow of cage management in a friendly way and at the same time complies with the current legislation.

The proposal made by our part, is developed by the implantation of a metal tag in cages installed in the green point realizing the integration of the traceability of the cages to the operational management flow for data capture through RFID (this option implicitly contains in turn the additional capture by barcode), an inventory control system Input / Output with control source / destination with location management and a collection management system, with identification by type of collection and route planning.

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