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    At Kyubi we provide our partners with a range of high quality RFID technology products and solutions (Hardware and Software), tested in a way that optimizes readings and guarantees success in their implementation. Kyubi's Partner Program is a comprehensive program created for companies that design, build and implement IoT solutions. Our partners represent a wide range of products and services, in different locations and industries and offer the best RAIN RFID solutions in the market. If your business model is based on the distribution, design, implementation and integration of IoT solutions in the creation of products based on RAIN RFID then you are interested in being part of our partner network.

    Why partner with Kyubi?

    Through Kyubi system's partner network, you will be able to drive RFID-based solutions in any industry and sector you specialize in. Kyubi allows you to drive the transformation with experts, and you will have the equipment and tools you need to succeed with your customers' projects. Kyubi brings its RFID expertise since 2009 with more than 4,000 devices installed worldwide.

    Grow your business. Become a Kyubi Partner and offer complementary products and services to your customers. With Kyubi you will differentiate yourself from the competition and get support so you can get up and running quickly. By partnering with Kyubi you will gain strategic value, grow your business profitably and take advantage of RAIN RFID opportunities. A bet on the future with Kyubi's expertise.

    Kyubi is a brand that generates customer confidence, because the quality of its products and solutions guarantee it. You will have an expert R&D team that develops new products to meet new needs and take advantage of future market opportunities.

    You will have a partner welcome program. Grow with RFID and with us:
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    Partner Distributor

    Distributor partners use Kyubi's product and services to meet the needs of their customers.

    Characteristics of the partner-distributor:

    • Consulting on each project
    • Accompaniment in the development and implementation of the project
    • Commercial training
    • Special pricing program
    Case Study
    Logistics project in a cross-docking warehouse: Our partner installed 24 AIR! Go Pro in the loading docks of their customer. Kyubisystem performed the analysis, proposal and integration with the end customer's IT tools.
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    Partner Integrador

    The integrator partner is knowledgeable about RFID technology and engages in strategic relationships with customers on an enterprise scale. With the necessary support, he performs the integrations to our platform with the customer's WMS and ERP.

    Partner-integrated welcome program:

    • Technical product training
    • Commercial training
    • Special pricing program
    • Joint marketing actions
    • Access to the platform
    Case Study
    Logistics project in a cross-docking warehouse: Our partner, the end customer's WMS provider, integrated Kyubisystem's wAIM! solution with their tool. With the installation of 24 AIR! Go Pro on their customer's loading docks. Kyubisystem supplied the equipment and integration support.
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    Contact us and we will explain you how to become our partner.