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Kyubi System as specialized engineering

The business unit Kyubi System aims to offer the market comprehensive solutions by of its client its know-how, its products and its specialized services in RFID. Through data collection devices, data processing software and expertise team, specialized engineering Kyubi System has the ability to evaluate, design and develop every diverse project typologies, such as some of those set out below.


A basic functionality of the chip contained in every RFID tag is to store information, such as that can receive from a temperature sensor.

  • Schedule periodics readings
  • Emit signal more powerful
  • Be activated by sensors
  • Sensors information received by sensors


RFID solutions for inventory are a great utility due to its ease in collecting data from unassigned and automated way.

  • Real-time inventory
  • Inventorize in minutes
  • Automated / unassisted update
  • Elimination of human mistakes
  • Hidden inventory prevention
  • Detection of stock deviations
  • Theft Reduction
  • Process parameterization
  • Assignment of operators and suppliers

Retail (Logistic+Inventory)

In the consumer industry they must live together perfect logistics planning and management of agile and expeditious inventory.

  • Omnichannel operations
  • Improved buyer experience
  • Real-time discounts
  • Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Loss analysis


planning & strategy

Appropriately productivate distributed infrastructures for one-to-one expertise.

design & develop

Credibly develop cross functional internal or "organic" sources vis-a-vis magnetic e-services.

test & deliver

Continually promote empowered resources for professional manufactured products.

Our Objetive

+ Be RFID experts with management experience.
+ Be management experts with experience in RFID.
+ Be both at the same time!