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AIR! Automatic Intelligent Readers

At Kyubi System we design our own products. We feel it's the best way for us to achieve our goals in RFID performance because we get to control every single aspect of both the reading and the data processing. To do so, we have partnered with the very best manufacturers, such as Impinj and Zebra, both worldwide leaders.

Plug & Play Products

Because RFID solutions were born in industrialized schemes for huge logistic solutions, the evolution of their devices have traditionally followed a path focused on industrial markets, leaving practically no space for medium and small applications.

The innovative vocation of Kyubi System has led us towards the development of our own hardware line, consisting of products designed to be used flexibly and for a work team not technically specialized in radio-frequency data, but though for any computer standard.

After many years solving complex RFID projects, we concluded that our efforts weren't 100% successful, because we ended up delivering raw data to businessmen, who weren't taking the best out of it. Our product catalog is designed to cover any RFID needs in every kind environment while turning RFID data into BI, so people can focus on their business instead of working with heavy RFID information.

Today Kyubi System provides RFID solutions for businesses, not for technicians.

Hardware RFID

All Kyubi System devices are intended to be 100% compatible with any cloud or ERP system, and adapt to a previous installation through its multiple connection ports or through web service.

RFID con sistema cloud o erp
recopilación de datos RFID

Product range

According to the need, workflow or item intended to be tracked down, the convenience of one device or another may vary, also taking into account their purpose in terms of data collection.

Our range of Air! products has been designed to cover all types of casuistry, and is highly integrable with any type of system.

Taking into account the device in terms of data collection, the example shows an RFID box identified by a high-performance Impinj XArray reader capable of pointing the exact position of an item in two dimensions on a ​​100 m2 area.

recopilación de datos RFID

However, if our purpose were to know if the package is coming or leavingwe are over equipped. We may have used a device as Impinj XSpan reader, designed to detect the crossing direction and other solutions of access control.

Is best if our specialist advisors determine the suitable product range, because perhaps they can deduct if the tag is crossing an exit point and therefore leaving.

kyubi system - air! GO

This way, an Air! Go Basic reader will help us identify the tags and recognize them as exiting tags, which at this point is the only information we needed.

lector RFID
flexibilidad RFID


There is a diversity of possibilities to fulfill the same purposes, and of course the idiosyncrasy of each case will be very decisive when designing the solution that best solves the challenge. Our experience with the collection and processing of data through RFID has had a huge influence while design both the hardware and software, and also closed solutions as a whole.


It was the circumstances that led Kyubi System to the design of its plug & play devices, aimed at solving all kinds of challenges in all types of environments, where standards are rigid and flexibility is as necessary as it is scarce.

adaptabilidad RFID TUNNEL
RFID big data


However, not everything is hardware. Our devices are trained with proprietary software that acts as an intelligent filter: while receiving a large amount of readings per second, it is able to filter and process only the information it deems relevant, and therefore converts the raw information into Business Data.

This information screening is especially interesting for integrators and end customers, because thanks to it they will have the ability to work very simply with only those business data they need, saving time and effort.

They can also have their business data both from our platform and from their own local system, ERP or a cloud interface.

información interesante RFID

Inventory control

RFID solutions for inventory are very useful due to their ease in capturing data in an automated and automated way. RFID converts a traditionally slow and high component of human error into an immediate and reliable process.

• Real-time inventory (fixed points)
• Inventory in minutes (portable PDA)
• Automated / unassisted update
• Elimination of human errors
• Hidden inventory prevention
• Detection of stock deviations
• Theft Reduction
• Process parameterization
• Assignment of operators and suppliers
control de inventario RFID

Customized Solutions

There is an operational difference between reading the load of a pallet from a fixed point and doing so from a reader fixed on the pallet holder.

No option is better than the other. However, their suitability will be better understood by one of our technicians, through the study of workflows of the project.

soluciones personalizadas RFID

Some operational advantages

• Inventory location in the warehouse

• Checking the contents in the packaging

• Checking the conformation of the pallets

• Checking incoming and outgoing shipments

• Asset Management

• Supply chain visibility

ventajas RFID


Automatic delivery tracking.

Solutions for big scale projects.

For stock control.