RFID Software

RFID Software

The technology your business needs to achieve a good management of RFID tags. With the RFID software that we have in Kyubi System you can collect, store and analyze all the changes that take place in your supply chain.

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Ensure good traceability with RFID software

To keep a good traceability of the assets that are part of the supply chain of a company, in addition to RFID tags and RFID readers, it is important to have a good RFID software that ensures the reliability of the data extracted.

And, for this, it is necessary that both the RFID technology selected and the RFID software used are adapted to the real needs of the company, which will be different according to its activity.

Specifically, at Kyubi System we have AIM, a middleware that simplifies the management of RFID readers, collecting data and analyzing them quickly and easily for understanding. In this way, any user can see at a glance and in real time all the changes that the assets undergo during the supply chain.

In addition, it can be integrated with many business management systems, so that any type of business can incorporate it into its management system without the need for additional software.

WAIM!, el software RFID que tu almacén necesita

WAIM!, the RFID software your warehouse needs

Although RFID technology can be incorporated into any part of the supply chain of a business, one of the main areas where it is most important is in the warehouse.

Inventory management is essential to reduce costs, eliminate human errors and achieve greater profitability, so from Kyubi System we have developed the wAIM! software; our RFID warehouse management system.

Ask us about it and discover how to get the most out of your warehouse with wAIM!

Main features of RFID software

  • Easy and fast identification, traceability and location of all assets that are part
    of the supply chain.
  • Integration with any type of business management system, regardless of the API with SAP (or ERP) that the business uses.
  • Generation of coding and encryption protocols to protect data, offering maximum security.
  • Comfort and ease of use as it is an ergonomic system accessible to navigate from the web.
  • Integration with any RFID reading system that we have developed from Kyubi System, which facilitates the automation of processes.
  • Real time updating of data.
  • Parameterizable system according to the characteristics of each customer and application.
  • System in continuous development and upgradeable according to the conditions of our licensing system.
Principales características de los softwares RFID


Automatic delivery tracking.

Solutions for big scale projects.

For stock control.