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At Kyubi System we use the most appropriate label for each project.

RFID tags, also called "smart tags" can store multiple data of the products to which they are attached. They use radio frequency to send that identification to readers wirelessly and very quickly. The Rfid tag is the smallest unit that is part of the rfid system.

We have radiofrequency labels for all kinds of problems, whether sectoral or specific.

So tell us what you need and we will advise you on the best rfid tag for your situation.

RFID tags, also called "smart tags", can store multiple pieces of information about products to which they are attached. They use radio frequency to send the identification to each reader in a fast and wireless way. The RFID tag is the smallest unit of the RFID system.

It is a highly advanced technology that offers a remarkable level of reliability, keeping real control of all transactions goods, machinery and people, it can be done quickly, conveniently, securely and unambiguously with an RFID tag.

The variety of RFID tags on the market is enormous. Each one for a specific application. At Kyubi System we use the most suitable tag for each project. Whether it's manufactured in-house or by other manufacturers. We have a department that designs the antennas of the labels to optimize their performance.

Specifically, as manufacturers of RIFID tags, we have radio frequency tags for all types of problems, whether they are sectorial or specific. In addition, our RIFID tags have the maximum guarantees of quality and functionality, as we even develop tags for more specific contexts which require different solutions to conventional ones. So tell us what you need and we will advise you on the best RIFID tag for your situation.

Although there are currently many types of RFID tags depending on the needs of the industry or sector. They all fall into two types of tags depending on their need for an autonomous power source. In fact, each type of RFID tag is used to offer different solutions.

The first of these are active tags, which have an autonomous power source that allows the signal to be extended to the RFID reader, even over long distances or in hostile environments where factors such as water or metal are involved. They also emit a very strong signal, which makes them more powerful than passive tags.

Passive tags are much more widely used because their versatility and cost optimize most of the solutions demanded by the market. Depending on the model and application, they can be read from a distance of more than 20 meters and obtain the energy to communicate from the RFID reader. All tags are read/write, although most applications use read, which is much faster. An RFID reader can read more than 1,200 tags per second under optimal conditions.

Today, there are many types of RFID tags to meet and solve any real problem, both in industry and retail. Many applications require the use of special tags, for example when working with metal or liquids. Also when working in hostile environments, where the rfid chip is encapsulated to withstand aggressions or extreme temperatures.

In fact, belonging to one sector or another will influence the decision to choose between the different types of labelling, as rfid tags store different information depending on their use. Another of the labels we develop at Kyubi System are textile labels, designed to meet the needs of the laundry sector. They withstand hundreds of industrial washes at high temperatures and can be read massively before and after each cycle.

Depending on the sector you want to apply rfid tags to, they will have different characteristics, even changing their visual appearance. However, all of them have a great agility for the identification of products, people or goods that are part of the supply chain.

Traceability is done automatically and in real time from its departure from the point of origin, during its transport until it reaches its destination, normally a warehouse; which significantly reduces any type of error, which normally occurs when this task is carried out manually. In addition, it lowers overall costs and gives the company the most complete and comprehensive stock control possible.

Applications of rfid tags are possible in all types of industries and business sectors. Some of the most frequent are: transport, ecommerce, food companies, hospital logistics, clothing shop logistics...

All businesses can benefit from the advantages of rfid technology only by adapting rfid tags to meet their needs.

RFID tags are of great importance in the industry nowadays; not only because they allow to keep a real stock control at all times, but also because they avoid any kind of usual error that can occur when the inventory is done manually, for example. In addition, costs are reduced.

As a manufacturer of rfid tags, we develop radio frequency tags adapted to our customers' needs. Although there are different types of tags with different characteristics, the price of rfid tags can vary in the market. For this reason, do not hesitate to contact us and talk to us about your needs to get the rfid tag you need for your company.

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Sectors for our RFID Tags

RFID vehicle tags offer an important capability to track and manage the status, location and maintenance of cars.

With RFID retail tags you get complete traceability from factory to end customer with a global view of the entire supply chain in real time.

RFID metal tags are wireless tags that enable the identification, monitoring and management of metal assets through radio frequency technology.

It offers solutions based on RFID technology for laundries to improve efficiency in the processes of inventory, location, use and tracking of the useful life of each of the items, both during the collection and distribution of the same as in the internal processes of the laundry.

RFID tags for laboratories are an efficient way to manage the equipment and materials used in a laboratory; improving safety and efficiency in these workspaces.

Achieve user registration, accurate monitoring and real-time timing information of a sporting event using RFID timing tags due to their small size and flexibility.

These tags have a robust, waterproof and rugged construction to withstand extreme weather conditions, among other applications. Find out what we can do for you at Kyubi System.

Standard RFID tags are radio frequency identification devices designed to identify objects and people. At Kyubi System we manufacture standard RFID tags according to the needs of our customers.