AIMAutomatic Intelligent Middleware

kyubi systems


Kyubi’s Middleware Agent (AIM) is an innovative software – hardware that allows the management of any RFID reader with the LLRP standard (like all models of zebra, impinj, etc.), data processing, storage of local data and simplify the process of communication with external systems.

The software is installed on a hardware device (SBC_single board computer), which is connected between the data input of each of the readers and the reader itself.


• Rule filtering
• Logical Data Model
• Online & Offline mode
• Identification between digital & logical data
• Direct Integration of ERP/MIS
• Persistent Local Storage
• RFID Tag Reader
• SW-HW performance & monitoring (SNMP protocol)
• Dual read/write mode
• Compatibility with standard EPC/RFID ALE

Without existence of a middleware, or intermediate software layer, any management system would need its own development to manage the electromagnetic impulses, which is very complex to manage, and whose performance would be threatened by processing large blocks of information simultaneously.


RFID devices are capable of more than a thousand readings per second.

However, hard drives have difficulty processing such amount of information.

AIM interprets what data is useful and converts only this into business data.

The system only receives the data you want to work with:
- the item is (not) present
- was delivered by “agent X”
- reception: 11:40 am
- scheduled expedition: 6 pm

WAIM!, el software RFID que tu almacén necesita

A great advantage of interacting with the AIM middleware is that our management system will only work with business data.
The AIM automatically translates the information received by the readers into business information:
- Identifier
- Arrival and departure time
- Real-time 2D location
- Permissions

Applying business rules directly to a large volume of electromagnetic impulses is extremely ineffective

A management program must work with concise, accessible and easy-to-operate information

The AIM automatically translates RFID information into business data:
- Unique identifier (Uid)
- Arrival and departure time
- Real time location (2D or 3D)
- Permissions
- etc.

With AIM, your ERP or management software will work directly with business data, so you can dedicate yourself exclusively to your business.


Through AIM it is possible to access the controllers of each reader and antenna, and integrate business data with the greatest flexibility.