RAIN RFID system for intelligent reading of items in manual production environments.

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AIR! Desktop

RAIN RFID system specifically designed for high demanding production environments. Supported on Kyubi System’s AIR! proprietary technology at the service of precision and cost effective readers, the AIR! Desktop product offers unique RFID RAIN reading algorithms to achieve reliable reading in the production line, as well as a QA (quality control) tool.

The AIR! Desktop’s product has two antennas: Main antenna in front position for massive reading, and Internal antenna inside protection, for additional R/W.

Its “RFID configuration” functionality offers the possibility of adjusting to different products and scenarios, greatly increasing the accuracy against weak tag or difficulty to read+write, and reduces cross-reads with non desired elements.

AIR! Desktop is an essential tool for RAIN RFID industrial environments. Robust and safe, it offers a high degree of flexibility and a wide variety of integration options, unique in the industry.

As cloud inventory management system, AIR! Desktop can be operated locally with a touchscreen, at installed facility itself, but also in the cloud, from any device with Internet access such as mobile phones or tablets.

The AIR! Desktop is extremely flexible. It is design to be installed in a table with a double adjustable arms system that can also be attached to a base. Main arm contains the touch screen, which can be IP65 for a high protection in hard environements (humidity, dust). Secon arm contains the RFID antenna that will be used to read the products in the process of filling the box. Reading a full box is also possible in favorauble circunstances (few products per box, minimum metal or water material).


  • Intelligent RFID item read + write for manual production environments.
  • IP65 protection for installation in high demanding industrial environments.
  • Ethernet and wifi internet compatibility to facilitate the connectivity in different network scenarios.
  • Logical integration through REST API with internal data model for real-time decision making.
  • Duplicated RFID antenna to deal with metalic or liquid products.
  • Option to connect additional accessories to expand user possibilities: physical keyboard, second barcode reader, etc.
AIR! Desktop has several advantajes compared to a standard fixed RFID reader with a simple antena.


All the electronical devices included in the main box work under IP65 rate, with and active ventilation system and Kyubi propietary design agains dust and humidity. External antenna works under same IP rate and touchscreen is optionally offered in standard or high protection.


AIR! Desktop includes an internal antenna in the main box to provide flexibility in difficult RFID reading scenarios. It is also designed ot be installed and adjusted to the operator specific environment.


The software embeded in the system has been specifically developped and optimized for Decathlon providers, including several features such as RFID configuration, language selection or wifi connectivity.



The web architecture of the application allows monitoring both the operations and the historical consultation in the same AIR! Desktop (through its management screen), as well as through any remote device.

kyubi system air! READTAIL

Once processed, AIR! Desktop will show the identified elements, marking in green if the reading corresponds to what is expected (both in value and in detail, if applicable) or in red if there would be a total value discrepancy.

The user can then confirm or correct the information throught the touch screen before reporting the data to Decathlon data systems.


Configuration panel

RFID environments are highly dependent on physical carachteristics of the environement and products. While water can attenuate the read signal, metal can partially or completely block it.

It is for this reason that a configuration panel for the basic RFID parameters has been added, so that the AIR!Desktop can be adjusted to the space and physical conditions in which it is installed.

There is also an option to automate the waiting time between boxes, so that the process is optimized and possible cross-reading of products is minimized.

The AIR! Desktop product has been specifically designed as a cost effective solution for low to medium volume readings, and very intesive use in industrial environments



  • ETSI band
    EU1 865–868 MHz
    EU2 902–928 MHz
  • FCC Band
    902 - 928 MHz
  • Supported TAGs
    EPC Global Class 1G2
    ISO 1800-6B
    ISO 1800-6C
    Ucode 1.19
  • Transmission power
    2 Werp / 4 Werp
  • RFID Regulations
    ETSI EN 301 489
    ETSI EN 302 208
    IEC 60950


  • Operation temperature
    -20oC to 50oC
  • Relative humidity
    5% to 90% non condensing
  • Material
    Aluminum, Steel, Policarbonate
  • Sensibility distance
    150 cm (from ext. RFID devices).


  • Input Voltage
    85-230 Vac
  • Operating power
    90 W
  • Input frequency


  • Desktop dimensions
    900 x 560 x 380 mm
  • AIR! Desktop dimensions
    480 x 340 x 160 mm
  • HardEnclosure Antenna dimensions
    530 x 270 x 80 mm
  • Support dimensions
    400 x 440 x 360 mm
  • Weight
    28 kg


  • Local
    Ethernet (10/100 BaseT)
  • Wireless
    WIFI 802.11AC 2,4 + 5Ghz
  • Monitorization
    Integrated touchscreen 15,6"
  • Physical integration
    IN & OUT potencial free contacts
  • Peripherial integration
    IN & OUT USB ports