CIXXONIA, an integrated solution to improve the data obtained from your supply chain.

Created by RFID experts.

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, making comprehensive control a difficult task. Bionix has developed a solution that facilitates the flow of information and control of the supply chain.


is a state-of-the-art software that allows supply chain professionals to optimize the actual flow of operations, from the supplier to the store, passing through the distribution center. It facilitates decision making and data analysis, being possible to access them anytime and anywhere, thanks to being a cloud platform.


KPIs and advanced analytics

Cixxonia offers a global view of the main KPIs of your supply chain management, from the supplier, through the distribution center, to the store. You will have real-time information about shipments, incidents, rework and be able to improve performance based on real-time data coming directly from the supply chain.

You will have total control over each purchase order. Each box is identified by a specific RFID device and will verify that the content is correct, validating the real data against the theoretical ones. The automation of this whole process has a great impact on inbound and outbound logistics.

Verify online orders and improve the performance of your shipments.

Manage the growth of your online commerce reliably. Cixxonia's online commerce module allows you to verify each individual shipment to customers, ensuring that the items being shipped are exactly what the customer ordered. This is only possible thanks to RFID devices.

Inventory Management

Consolidate a unified inventory based on accurate, real-time data uploaded from RFID and handheld devices located throughout the supply chain, at the supplier, distribution center and stores. You'll have total control over your inventory and real insight into your stock.

Supplier performance

Transparent communication and collaboration with all suppliers is easy with Cixxonia dashboards.

Prioritize shortages, review supplier figures and propose improvement actions based on real delivery data.


What are Cixxonia's supply chain objectives?

Optimizing supplier relationships

One of the most important factors in the supply chain is to ensure product delivery and quality. It is therefore essential to establish a good relationship with the supplier. This is the only way to meet the quality levels expected by the customer and required by current regulations.

Thanks to Cixxonia, stock control and the efficiency of the production process will be improved, resulting in greater security and improving the company's reputation.

Real-time information

Up-to-date information allows you to manage any problems that arise in a short time. By providing a quick solution to any incident, you ensure that the impact and failure in the supply chain is minimized.

In addition, updated and analyzed information allows you to adapt the chain to meet customer demand in an efficient and profitable way with the agility required by today's market.

Monitoring the stages of the supply chain

To improve control, it is necessary to define key management indicators or KPIs, and to monitor and analyze the results. In this way it is possible to detect errors or points of improvement to make the supply chain more efficient.


Thanks to the fact that the Cixxonia platform collects all the information of each particular product along the supply chain, from the raw material manufacturer to its sale, with data on origin, composition, care and circularity, you will be able to transmit to your customers in a reliable, fast and transparent way all the sustainability actions carried out for each particular item.