RFID for food
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RFID technology has become the safe bet for businesses specialising in food products. Thanks to this technology, product traceability is optimised (it can even be equipped with sensors for temperature control or weighing). In addition, it makes it possible to verify picking for shipments, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and avoiding errors and logistical costs.

Importance of traceability in the food industry

Good product traceability is important in any sector, but when it comes to the food sector, it is vitally important. Controlling where products are at any given moment helps to ensure food quality and to make important decisions in the event of a problem. For example, checking that there is no breakage in the cold chain when it can directly affect the quality of the product.

Improving supply chain management with RFID

RFID technology in food can provide complete, real-time knowledge of all products, from their origin to the point of sale. In this way, minimum food safety standards are guaranteed, both for the companies that buy these products and for the end consumers.

Where RFID technology adds value in the food sector

Undoubtedly, the traceability of food products through RFID has helped this sector, which can keep a better and greater control of products to ensure proper food safety based on current regulations.

Seeing in more detail some of these benefits:

● Identification of batches, boxes, trays, pallets, containers....
● The connection of the data reading system with the company's ERP or WMS allows the control of food products by means of dates, status, origin and other additional information.
● Traceability of what happens to each product in each of the processes that form part of the supply chain.
● Identification and traceability of perishable goods or those with special conditions.
● Identification and traceability of expired products or products that put people's health at risk.
● Verification of secured picking through RFID.
● Automated, quick and easy data collection in any management system.

Food sectors with RFID

RFID Meat Sector

RFID technology favours the identification of all meat pieces, from the moment they enter the carcass until they reach the end consumer.

RFID technology guarantees good data collection, identifying each product quickly and easily until it reaches the user. Offering constant information on each movement.

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RFID Fruit and Vegetables Sector

From the field to the final consumer.

The use of RFID technology in the agri-food sector is a guarantee of success for companies specialising in this type of business as it allows optimal traceability.

Thanks to RFID readings, the product is identified, data is collected on the origin, and variables such as temperature or weight can be controlled. All this data collection can be used to help in the process of making important decisions to ensure the quality of the fruit or vegetables.

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RFID for Drinks

The use of RFID technology in the beverage industry has contributed to greater efficiency in product management as well as faster information gathering.

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