A basic functionality of the chip contained in every RFID tag is to store information, such as that can receive from a temperature sensor.

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BAP tag

The battery-assist passive tags are, like their name indicates, RFID tags equipped with a battery. This source of complementary energy allows to activate the micro circuitry of the chip to enable a variety of functionalities:

Schedule periodic readings

Emit more powerful signal

Activated by sensors

Information received by sensors

A basic functionality of the chip contained in any RFID tag is that of storing information, such as that which can receive from a temperature sensor. In a consignment of goods liable to be affected by high temperatures, a solution that involves the use of BAP tags is highly recommended.

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BAP-tag temperature

Combining a BAP tag with a simple sensor of temperature, the chip will collect data every certain period of time, according to the schedule that has been configured in it. In the case of goods identification refrigerated, it will be of great use at the time of record and monitor their exposure to temperatures along the cold chain.

This option is common in food shipments: frozen fish, wine or meat shipments of very high quality.

Cool Chain

-4ºC in the cellar

Reading 7/7/19 20:30:56 pm A shipment of frozen tuna individually identified with BAP temperature tags cross the ocean for several weeks.

-8ºC in the cellar

Reading 8/7/19 10:30:56 am The chip is configured to make one reading every 30 min. The clock internal will "wake up" and register every temperature on the chip.

0ºC in the cellar

Reading 8/7/19 17:30:01 pm At a certain time the heat is very high and the exact temperature that recorded and associated with the moment of the network where it happened.

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Auditing and security

Remember that each tag has a unique identifier (Uid), and therefore you can identify and associate each item directly. with the outside information that affects him. In addition to certifying compliance with the quality standard, it will also allow you to grant a greater security level, avoiding possible frauds and falsifications, allowing the limitation of volumes and inspection of batches of goods.