RFID Fruit and Vegetables
From the field to the end consumer. RFID technology for fruit and vegetables in the agri-food sector offers security and accuracy in the process from harvesting to the final consumer.
Kyubi System |RFID for foodRFID Fruit and Vegetables

Total control of the condition of fruit and vegetables

At Kyubi System we have created RFID solutions for fruit and vegetables to improve the entire supply chain process, from germination, ripening, harvesting and distribution to the final consumer.

Specifically, data such as harvesting dates, field, plot, crew, humidity, etc. are collected without the need for human intervention.

Minimises risk with real-time asset tracking

It reduces the risks associated with food safety because knowing the real location of fruit and vegetables in real time improves the speed of response to potential health problems. It also minimises costs and alleviates consumer concerns.

On the other hand, RFID technology applied to the agri-food sector accelerates order management, directly related to stock management, picking management, etc...

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Other RFID food sectors

With RFID technology, a more exhaustive quality control is achieved in the meat sector as it facilitates the continuous surveillance of each piece by generating alerts that record its location in real time and monitor its condition.

The use of RFID technology in the beverage industry has contributed to greater efficiency in product management as well as faster information gathering.