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RFID vehicle tags offer an important capability to track and manage the status, location and maintenance of cars.

Improve traceability with vehicle RFID tags

Do you run a car rental company or are you in the transportation business?

RFID vehicle tags improve traceability by providing an accurate and consistent location of vehicles at all times; improving inventory management, controlling fuel usage and increasing safety as RFID vehicle tags allow you to monitor driving patterns, minimising risks and ensuring that vehicles are used as intended.

At the same time, the data collected also helps to reduce maintenance costs and improve fleet operational efficiency.

What are RFID vehicle tags used for?

These tags are used on vehicles to identify, verify and monitor information such as parking, maintenance status, locations, delivery and collection schedules, as well as fuel usage. They are also used to monitor vehicle security, safety compliance and vehicle tracking records. All of this helps to improve vehicle safety and efficiency.

Knowing the use that can be made of our RFID tags.

Achieve user registration, accurate monitoring and real-time timing information of a sporting event using RFID timing tags due to their small size and flexibility.

RFID tags for laboratories are an efficient way to manage the equipment and materials used in a laboratory; improving safety and efficiency in these workspaces.

With RFID retail tags you get complete traceability from factory to end customer with a global view of the entire supply chain in real time.

It offers solutions based on RFID technology for laundries to improve efficiency in the processes of inventory, location, use and tracking of the useful life of each of the items, both during the collection and distribution of the same as in the internal processes of the laundry.

These tags have a robust, waterproof and rugged construction to withstand extreme weather conditions, among other applications. Find out what we can do for you at Kyubi System.

Standard RFID tags are radio frequency identification devices designed to identify objects and people. At Kyubi System we manufacture standard RFID tags according to the needs of our customers.

RFID vehicle tags offer an important capability to track and manage the status, location and maintenance of cars.

RFID metal tags are wireless tags that enable the identification, monitoring and management of metal assets through radio frequency technology.