wAIM!Comprehensive solution for warehouse management using RFID technology.
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Created by RFID experts.

Kyubisystem has created wAIM! a software that allows our clients to introduce RFID technology in a simple way, accompanied by our team which advises and trains the company during its implementation process. wAIM! is an RFID warehouse management system that can be connected to the company's WMS or ERP. The implementation is fast, secure and in a short time your warehouse can be working with RFID technology and benefit from all its advantages.

The main advantages of warehouse management with RFID

The main advantages are the following:

#1 Traceability

wAIM! allows you to follow the evolution process of each product and stages, from input to output. This monitoring, in addition to optimizing the logistics process and offering stocks by warehouses, allows monitoring of quality control.

#2 Reliability

By performing the readings through RFID technology, errors are avoided and all information available is completely reliable.

#3 Speed

The information captured remains available in real time. Stok control and each movement is integrated instantly with the ERP.

#4 Control

It allows to see where products are at all times; origin, destination and therefore, it helps the decision-making process.

Principales características de los softwares RFID
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#5 Service

Error-free and fast picking verification, which translates into optimal service for customers.

#6 Decrease in logistics costs

It’s possible to optimize all the necessary resources.

#7 Profitability

wAIM! It is very profitable since from its implementation it is possible to reduce costs and gain in service.





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★ Modular and scalable solution: basic system for additions/deletions and stock counts, to a system integrated with other MIS for total inventory management

★ All the RFID logic and Kyubi experience included in a single HMS solution, component in Hardware, Middleware and Software

★ Stand-alone or integrated solution for customer management systems (MIS / ERP): all RFID business rules available to management

★ Standard management dashboards and the possibility of adapting them to clients needs

★ WWW system that meets all current inventory management needs: What? When? Where?

★ Modern architecture, CLOUD-based backend and front-end available for Android and any other browser

★ Local or subscription modalities available for deployment

★ Basic solution for RFID mobile devices

★ Basic functions for inventory management: check-in/check-out items and stock counts

★ RFID inventory count using a mobile RFID device: comparison dashboard between current inventory and previous inventory

★ RFID unique identifier level digital stock card

Features included in LITE package:

  • Check-in by barcode scanning (relationship in the cloud with your Twin RFID)
  • Item output due to inventory write-off through barcode scanning
  • Take inventory using a mobile RFID device
  • Control panel for inventory management: comparison between the current and the previous inventory for the management of differences, available in an browser.
funciones incluidas para paquete RFID