RFID for Drinks
The use of RFID technology in the beverage industry has contributed to greater efficiency in product management as well as faster information gathering.

Greater control in the supply chain

Know where and the status of each product from bottling to final sale. With Kyubi System and our RFID solutions for beverages you can benefit from this technology capable of providing capture and storage of important data for this line of business.

We help you to secure your products and deliver the best quality when they reach the market by knowing all the details from the beginning.

Speed of data capture

RFID technology streamlines data capture to facilitate the management and traceability of any type of beverage, be it spirit, alcoholic or soft drinks...

  • Know where they are in real time: where they are in the supply chain.
  • Easily know their origin and final destination, as well as the pallet, container or packing date.
  • Know your temperature.

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Other RFID food sectors

With RFID technology, a more exhaustive quality control is achieved in the meat sector as it facilitates the continuous surveillance of each piece by generating alerts that record its location in real time and monitor its condition.

From the field to the end consumer. RFID technology for fruit and vegetables in the agri-food sector offers security and accuracy in the process from harvesting to the final consumer.