RFID Meat Sector
With RFID technology, a more exhaustive quality control is achieved in the meat sector as it facilitates the continuous surveillance of each piece by generating alerts that record its location in real time and monitor its condition.

Increased traceability and control

With RFID solutions for the meat industry one thing is clear, there is more and better control of meat parts.

Specifically, Kyubi System offers RFID solutions for all meat companies to ensure the quality and correct data capture of all parts involved in this industry. These solutions allow continuous tracking from the beginning (at the farm) to the final consumer, through the identification of animals, slaughterhouses and production lines, which facilitates traceability.

Why RFID in the meat sector?

In Kyubi System we want to help you to have a better and better control of all the meat pieces with our RFID systems for the meat sector. Therefore, we would like to tell you about some of the most outstanding advantages of this technology.

With RFID for meat companies you can:

  • Obtain accurate and instantaneous data capture and deliver optimal and consistent product quality.
  • Include data such as times and conditions of each product or meat process in order to offer them in the best condition.
  • Optimise processes and provide a complete view of the supply chain.

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Other RFID food sectors

The use of RFID technology in the beverage industry has contributed to greater efficiency in product management as well as faster information gathering.

From the field to the end consumer. RFID technology for fruit and vegetables in the agri-food sector offers security and accuracy in the process from harvesting to the final consumer.