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Make your business faster, more accurate and more reliable.

RFID readers are an important part of this technology as they are able to store, read, decode and transmit the information they collect from the antennas and tags in a database to a software for further interpretation.

RFID readers are 100% compatible with any cloud or ERP system

At Kyubi System we include RFID solutions for all types of sectors, regardless of their business activity. For this, we develop RFID readers 100% compatible with any cloud or ERP system, adapting to a previous installation through its multiple connection ports or website.

In this way, it is possible to improve and facilitate the collection and subsequent interpretation of data. The result: greater control of the processes that form part of the business supply chain.

Meet AIR!, our automatic smart readers

Currently, there are different types of RFID readers according to the need, the workflow, the item to be tracked or its purpose to be tracked.

Specifically, in Kyubi System we present our range of RFID readers AIR!, which has been designed to cover all types of casuistry and is highly integrable with any type of system.


High performance, it is capable of pinpointing the exact position of an item in two dimensions in an area of 100m2, as shown in the example.


It is designed to detect crossing direction and other access control solutions.


It is the RFID reader that helps to identify RFID tags and recognise them as exit tags.

In any case, it is best to have our specialist consultants determine the right RFID readers for your business.

Turn heavy data into BI with RFID readers

We have developed and refined our line of RFID readers to make them more accessible and usable for any type of business. Collecting and analysing data can be a mess, especially if you don't have the knowledge or time to study it in detail.

We used to offer raw data, but over time we have realised that this is neither useful nor functional, so we have adapted our RFID readers to convert RFID data into BI, so that people can focus on their business instead of working with heavy information.

This reduces time, effort and human error.

Key benefits of RFID readers

● You can control every aspect of data reading and processing.
● Our RFID readers are Plug & Play products, so any kind of profile (specialised or not) can have control of them without prior knowledge.
● We provide RFID solutions for companies, not for technicians.
● Flexibility of application as there is a great diversity of possibilities to fulfil the same purposes.
● Adaptability to all types of environments and businesses.
● Inventory control.
● We offer customised solutions.
● Asset management.
● Checking the contents in the packaging.
● Checking pallet conformation.
● Checking (or verification) of receipts and dispatches.
● Supply chain visibility.