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With RFID retail tags you get complete traceability from factory to end customer with a global view of the entire supply chain in real time.

Industries that can include RFID retail tags

RFID tags are gaining popularity among department stores and retailers due to the many benefits they offer.

At Kyubi System we manufacture RFID retail tags to meet the needs of shoe, toy, clothing, home textiles, accessories, etc. companies.

This is a flexible solution as it can be applied to all types of businesses, offering different options for the implementation of warehouse management such as inventories, picking, goods movements, deliveries, etc. It can also be applied to shops, such as counter sales, inventories, delivery of goods, prevention of unknown losses, stock control, interactive fitting rooms and demonstrators.

Main advantages of RFID retail tags

Whether you are a large logistics company or a small business. RFID retail tags are an incredible option to keep track of all the items that are part of the supply chain.

Among other things, they stand out because:
● Tagging is done at source, which makes it easy to carry out control from the very moment they arrive at the order reception area.
● The product is controlled from the moment it enters the warehouse. The amount of information that can be obtained will depend on the design chosen for each card.
● The inventory is kept up to date immediately. There is therefore no need to wait for manual confirmations.
● Allows stock in each shop and in the warehouse to be known.
● It is compatible with intelligent shelving systems, which detect the quantity of items left on the shelves and send a warning when they need to be replenished.
● It can incorporate an anti-theft system. This avoids having to put anti-theft devices on all garments, especially the most delicate ones.
● Allows other types of controls, such as customer flow or sales surveys.

RFID technology cards can contain a lot of information depending on the model or its capacity.

Knowing the use that can be made of our RFID tags.

Achieve user registration, accurate monitoring and real-time timing information of a sporting event using RFID timing tags due to their small size and flexibility.

RFID tags for laboratories are an efficient way to manage the equipment and materials used in a laboratory; improving safety and efficiency in these workspaces.

With RFID retail tags you get complete traceability from factory to end customer with a global view of the entire supply chain in real time.

It offers solutions based on RFID technology for laundries to improve efficiency in the processes of inventory, location, use and tracking of the useful life of each of the items, both during the collection and distribution of the same as in the internal processes of the laundry.

These tags have a robust, waterproof and rugged construction to withstand extreme weather conditions, among other applications. Find out what we can do for you at Kyubi System.

Standard RFID tags are radio frequency identification devices designed to identify objects and people. At Kyubi System we manufacture standard RFID tags according to the needs of our customers.

RFID vehicle tags offer an important capability to track and manage the status, location and maintenance of cars.

RFID metal tags are wireless tags that enable the identification, monitoring and management of metal assets through radio frequency technology.