RFID solutions for inventory are a great way to usefulness due to its ease in capturing data from in an unassisted and automated manner. RFID converts a work traditionally slow and with a high component of human error in an immediate and reliable process..


Real-time inventory (fixed points)

Prevention of hidden inventory

Assignment of operators and suppliers

Inventory in minutes (portable PDA)

Detection of stock deviations

Automated / unattended update

Reduction of thefts

Elimination of human errors

Process Parameterization

flexibilidad RFID


There are notable differences between reading the load of a pallet from a fixed point and to do it from a reader installed, for example, in the pallet holder.

However, one option is not necessarily the other, but the suitability of one or the other. another solution will be determined by the technicians specialists from Kyubi System, by means of the study of stock flows for each project.


- Inventory Storage Bin in the Warehouse
- Checking the contents of the packaging
- Checking pallet conformation
- Checking inbound and outbound shipments
- Asset Management
- Supply Chain Visibility


RFID technology has proven to have great benefits, especially for exhaustive inventory control in real time. The advantages are endless and it is that with little time and effort you can check the available stock and its location of all types of goods avoiding any human error.

In Kyubi Systems we have different rfid systems for inventory control with which it is possible to obtain a real and updated image of all the products that we have stored. In this way, not only is the whereabouts of these items known, but also their stock level, it is possible to identify a loss, lost products, among many other options.

Take advice from our professionals in rfid warehouses and get an effective and high quality warehouse management system to have all your assets under control.

Productivity has become one of the maxims for companies that determines employee satisfaction and the results obtained during the course of the business year. Being productive or not, it requires motivation, concentration and task automation processes, which help the development of the same.

With rfid for inventories, the improvement in productivity is a fact since the identification and traceability of products and raw materials saves a lot of time, providing extra control over all the stock available in the warehouse. As the inventory process becomes a fast and dynamic job, the number of times it is carried out is usually increased. Thus, accuracy is increased. In addition, because it is an efficient technology, human errors, which would normally occur without its use, are avoided.

Thus, rfid systems for inventory control improve productivity and help to focus on other important tasks for business growth.

Ask us about our warehouse management system and get a real and updated control of everything that happens inside the warehouse.

Tired of counting over and over again the items you have in the warehouse to know the stock you have available? Doing the inventory has become a torment and you feel that you waste a lot of time? Are you looking for a system that allows you to develop this activity in a more efficient and comfortable way?

Having as much information as possible about what is in and what is going on in the warehouse is necessary and really important to avoid errors that lead to economic and productivity losses. The consequences of this happening can be disastrous, but... How can we avoid it?

The solution is to automate some production processes, for example, by implementing a warehouse management system with RFID technology, which reduces time and possible human errors.

This way you will know what is there, where it is located and other additional information in real time with little effort. Contact us and discover all the opportunities that arise when betting on this type of technology. 

At Kyubi System we have been working for more than 30 years in the field of RFID technology and tags as experts in this field. Our knowledge and experience has given us the confidence of many companies to implement this technology in their warehouses to keep a real and updated control of the goods and raw materials they have.

Our rfid warehouse management system for inventories is all you need to improve productivity, avoid human error and focus your efforts on other tasks that need your vision.

Although, we also have other rfid solutions, in this case they are rfid systems for logistics and the retai rfidl sector.