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Scan & Print mobile app

The Kyubi app to encode in RFID from any smartphone cannot be easier to use:

Scan Barcode

The label is encoded and printed.

It sticks in the article.

App móvil Scan & Print

Kyubi's RFID encoding app cannot be easier to use from any smartphone:


1) The barcode is scanned.

2) The RFID label is coded and printed.

3) You stick it in each item one by one.

movilidad RFID
movilidad RFID

Belt printer

Using a portable RFID printer it will be possible to convert the barcode of any item into an RFID encoded tag.
The app will send the GS1 code via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the RFID printer, which can even be carried on the same operator's belt.

In a quick and simple way we will convert 2D codes into RFID tags, which will be individually endowed with a single registration (Uid) even coming from a barcode common to all items.

The mobile app will upload to the cloud all the information of the registered items, which from that moment can be identified by means of radio-frequency devices, and therefore the management of yourself will benefit from all the logistical and administrative advantages of RFID technology

movilidad RFID

Inventory Control

RFID solutions for inventory are very useful due to their ease in capturing data in an automated and automated way. RFID converts a traditionally slow and high component of human error into an immediate and reliable process.


• Real-time inventory (fixed points)
• Inventory in minutes (portable PDA)
• Automated / unassisted update
• Elimination of human errors
• Hidden inventory prevention
• Detection of stock deviations
• Theft Reduction
• Process parameterization
• Assignment of operators and suppliers

movilidad RFID