RFID Arches and Portals100% real and continuous reading
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The RFID Arches and Portals that we have developed at Kyubi System have the appropriate technology to carry out an exhaustive and immediate control of any change or movement of all types of merchandise, products, raw materials, forklifts or pallet jacks in passageways and internal areas such as doors. or loading docks, among others.

Take a 100% real and continuous reading at all times with these RFID devices!

RFID control systems with prefabricated portals

Avoid human errors, increase the productivity of your employees and improve the control of your products, merchandise or raw materials with these RFID control systems for prefabricated portals.
At Kyubi System we have RFID solutions for all types of businesses and industrial sectors to introduce in any part of your supply chain. Among them are RFID arches and portals.
And, the main difference from the rest of the solutions we have lies in the data capture. In this case, it is done in a fixed way since they are pieces that remain immobile and are placed in doors, loading docks or any internal passageway where you want to have real control of merchandise, raw materials, products, people...

RFID arches to improve traceability

Do you want to know where you can find a specific type of product? Identify any unauthorized movement in your supply chain? Check order receipts? Or, know the expiration of the batches?
You can achieve all this and much more with our RFID arches.
Improve traceability and know where everything is and its history in a few seconds with the RFID arches and portals that we have in Kyubi System!

Our RFID arches and portals


RFID system that allows massive reading + writing on the production line. It can be found in two different versions: AIR! Tunnel for pallets and AIR! Tunnel for boxes.

AIR! TUNNEL for pallets

Designed to make massive readings and writings of articles, packages and pallets with the highest precision in the market.

AIR! Tunnel for boxes

Mainly designed for the management of high-volume flows or inventories. In turn, it has two versions: one to hold packages and the other to hold pallets.


Intelligent reading system for any standard label designed for installation on the ceilings or walls of warehouse access, exit or loading docks.