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We're offering a full range of services for almost any data-driven company.


Thanks to our extensive experience Kyubi system offers the possibility to advise and guide our clients with the study of the optimization of logistics and / or production processes, thanks to the application of RFID technology.

Customized Solutions

The development department of Kyubi system, also has an advisory service in RFID product development, as well as the possibility of hiring the entire development of a custom RFID product. These developments are executed on the Kyubi system’s electronic platform, with the objective of minimizing development costs for our customers and increasing the amortization of the investment.


Kyubi system has a team dedicated exclusively to the maintenance of our facilities. Based on a ticketing system, priority is given and support is given to any issues that may arise. Our technicians have tools and skills that allow them to focus on preventive maintenance, with the aim of minimizing corrective maintenance. All this maintenance focuses on all parts of the solution alike, RFID equipment, network, servers, etc.

Plug & Play Products

Ready for action the minute you take them out of the box, meant for everyone to use.

  • AIR! Family Readers
  • AIR! Tunnel
  • AIM! Software on demand


The monitoring is focused on the use of the software Kyubi Kibana, which besides a product we also use it for our internal use, is offered as a service to our customers.

Tons of Experience

Although we've seen pretty much, we believe our best projects are yet to come. Give us a call and share your ideas with us so we can share back our magic with you!

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