Kyubi System |Textile + Anti-Theft Labelling

Textile + Anti-Theft Labelling

The Hangtag+Antitheft TAG Is One Of Our Greatest Achievements

Since technology is the same, both are an RFID tags, we have reunited both functionalities in one single product, so stores can save a big amount of time each day checking and tagging their products with anti-theft labels.

Developed With Logistics & Security In Mind

Retail clients need both control and security. Fortunately we do both brilliantly!
Our final solutions operate in complex systems of information, but with a very well thought through interfaces, so all the data is shown in the most useful way.
kyubi system Zebra RFID

Intelligent Allocation

What really happens inside a particular store is only a mystery. And will never be a standard, at least while the human factor remains... What we may standardize is the ability to understand what is that occurs with garment flows, dressing room patterns, POS usage and customer behaviors.
Data is the way to know, as smart data is the way to understand. Thanks to Kyubi's technology, we can now see through what happens inside a clothing store. Every little tiny detail, real time.


  • Simplicity

    Higher customer services standards
  • Agility & Speed

    Speedy and accurate store stock replenishment
  • Precision

    Precise and agile garment intake
  • Information

    More efficient inventory counts
  • Confidence

    Enhanced security control