In the consumer industry, perfect logistics planning and agile and expeditious inventory management must coexist. Any small mistake will seriously affect sales, and that is why the precision needed for retail solutions must be maximum.

Traceability supported by RFID technology allows the inventory and logistics and reverse logistics systems to operate in sync and synchronized, minimizing the error ratio and speeding up the operation in a disastrous and automated manner

RFID applications for service improvement and customer service.

Thanks to our ability to individually identify a precise item among those of your type of product, we can check the stock in real time in store and warehouse.

Both the store staff and the customer himself from his smartphone can check the available stock of a particular garment, its exact location in the store and the actual stocks of the product range (size, color, collection, etc).

  • Simultaneous identification of thousands of articles per second from a distance of up to 8 meters.

  • The personnel access in real time to the traceability of the inventory in exhibition, stored and even in the supply chain.


Beyond the improvement in the service, the store will be able to administer in a non-assisted way all of its articles at each moment of the flow, and therefore enable many operational and commercial advantages.
• Omnichannel operations
• Improved buyer experience
• Real-time discounts
• Analysis
• Supply Chain Management
• Loss analysis

Real-time inventory control can now be perfectly aligned with the sales and anti-theft system.

Too much inventory on store shelves leads to higher labor costs, excessive material handling and clutter. Very little stock in distribution centers undermines online compliance and results in a decrease in sales. With accurate inventory data, retailers can increase the efficiency of their operation and distribute products more accurately and improve their own performance and that of store administrators.

Inventory count and anti-theft

By means of short-range RFID readings (up to 50 cm), we will be able to count and make replacements in a  of seconds, as well as detect unauthorized items crossing the threshold of suggestion

Improve the shopping experience

Create digital and interactive experiences in the store between your products and the end customer, taking advantage of RFID for in-place advertising (PLV) actions.

Allowing your buyers to access all available information about products in an easy and fun way through digital media will raise your average ticket and the conversion rates of your business.

Cross Selling Operations

Automate the inventory count within your stores to enable staff to do cross-selling actions, being able to refer an interested customer to find an item out of stock in another group store.

In addition, obtain detailed information about the store's operations and customer preferences in real time for up-selling actions, increasing the purchase ticket.

Metrics and Performance

Promote intelligent decision-making based on the behavior of buyers from the analysis of precise data on the location, movement, history and identity of the products.

In the present times, communication and loyalty campaigns are subject to levels of 1: 1 customization never seen before, and their trend will be increasing.

The best way to take advantage of this information from your customers and especially your products, is through the data processing software of Kyubi System, it will parameterize the meaning of each displacement and allow you to draw valuable conclusions from the interactions of your products with your customers.

eCommerce, the new commerce.

For all the above reasons, Kyubi System software and hardware solutions are a fundamental tool to achieve the highest levels of automation, imperative to succeed in electronic commerce.

Only thanks to the possibility of controlling every detail of the production, logistics and storage processes, your business will have the ability to optimize resources, minimize costs and maximize control.

RFID technology will provide all the data you need to have the true governance of your business.